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Ukrainian Tennis Professional Alexander Dolgopolov

The Ukrainian star, who’s playing at the Abierto Mexicano Mifel this week, talks about the last time…

I missed a flight?
I was going to Barcelona, starting in Moscow. It was four years ago. It isn’t very normal that this happens to me. I think it was the only time it happened.

I lost something important?
I lose things all the time, but I get them back. The passport, the wallet… I’ve been lucky because there’s always someone that finds them for me, otherwise I just remember where I left them.

I paid money to rent a tennis court or buy tennis balls?
Every time I go to Ukraine I pay for the court and for the balls. If it’s winter it is more expensive because it is indoor. Normally, I pay $5 to $10 per hour, and almost $150 for the box of balls. Sometimes I get a discount, but I almost always pay regular price.

Being famous helped me?
Sometimes it happens that in the airport they recognise me and help me to avoid paying for extra luggage. Once in Miami, I didn’t have to wait in line because the one attendant played tennis and recognised me. I passed straight through. These little favours are always welcomed, but they don’t happen very often.

I strung a tennis racquet?
Ten years ago, when I was starting to play Futures and when I was junior. I used to do it. I was good at it.

I cooked for myself and others?
It happens, not too much in the last months but it can happen frequently. When I’m not lazy, I start cooking. I like doing pancakes, meat and salads. I’m not very good at making soups.

I met a childhood idol?
I don’t have many idols. Maybe I was always surrounded by great players. I admire people for their accomplishments, but I’m not the kind of person that has idols.

I shared a hotel room with another player?
Also 10 years ago when I was starting to play. I was travelling with different players – Ukrainians, Russians, with Sergei Bubka and Artem Smirnov and Davis Cup teammates. Since I started winning more, I choose to be alone in the hotel rooms. It’s more comfortable for me.

I asked someone famous for an autograph or a selfie?
Never. I take pictures with the tennis guys that are my friends, not famous people. If I have a relation with some of them, I ask to have a picture for social media. But if some friend asks me for a Roger Federer autograph, I do it. It happens a lot.